Commitment and Quality

We don’t just manage quality, we take it to the next level

Our Wholesome Blend and Lifetime recipes use the highest quality ingredients. Each of these ingredients and the suppliers we get them from must meet the quality standards established by Trouw Nutrition’s Nutrace program. [link to Nutrace page] Each ingredient is evaluated for a variety of quality, safety and nutritional aspects.

Our manufacturing facility

Our recipes are manufactured at our own production facility, located in St Marys, Ontario, Canada. It is designed to produce the very best products and guarantee their quality, ensuring that every bag meets you and your pet’s expectations.

Each recipe is formulated, tested, manufactured and shipped from this facility to pet specialty stores located throughout Canada and in select locations in the United States.

  • On-site analytical facilities and an accredited corporate Centre of Excellence for testing
  • HACCP certified quality assurance program
  • Audited quarterly by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) with an “A” rating
  • USDA/APHIS compliant
  • FSC 22000 certified

High quality ingredients

All ingredients used in our Wholesome Blend and Lifetime recipes – from chicken, beef, lamb and fish to wholesome grains, fruits and vegetables – have been carefully selected by our team of nutritionists and have passed through our rigorous quality standards. You can learn more about the ingredients we use in our recipes here.