Who We Are

Nourishing the world’s pets, one bag at a time 

From the beginning, Trouw Nutrition has focused on quality nutrition and dedication to using the safest, highest quality ingredients. As a company, we are deeply rooted in innovation, committed to continuous improvement, and focused building a more sustainable future. 

In Canada, we develop and manufacture companion animal products under the brand names of Lifetime and Wholesome Blend, with a dedicated pet food facility in St. Marys, Ontario, Canada. 

Everything we do is driven by passion 

We have a knowledgeable and dedicated team of production, quality assurance, customer service, sales and companion animal nutrition professionals who are devoted to using our nutritional expertise and solutions to nourish the world’s pets. 

We work with pet specialty retailers throughout Canada to bring our lineup of quality products to your neighborhood. Please visit our store locator to find a retailer close to you.

Our Values

Our values reflect the culture of our company, our promise to our customers and our purpose of "Feeding the Future".  Trust, Inclusivity, Curiosity, Integrity and Passion underpin our fundamental beliefs and guiding principles of how we do business.

Learn more about Trouw Nutrition’s global presence here. 


Committed to sustainability 

Sustainability is a measure of the ability to endure – to create policies and become responsible for the long-term wellbeing of an organization. Sustainability can be looked at in three pillars – environmental, social, and financial. For us, it is also about creating sustainable practices for the world surrounding our company. 

We continue to reduce possible inefficiencies to improve our operational best practices and reduce waste. Where possible, we source all of our ingredients in Canada, supporting the local economy, reducing transit time and maximizing freshness of ingredients.  

Our Wholesome Blend Pea-Free diets come in biodegradable packaging that uses technology of Eco-One®. It allows plastic to be broken down into humus (rich soil), methane (energy source) and carbon dioxide in biologically active landfills (BAL). When Eco-One plastic reaches BAL, this technology encourages moisture to infiltrate and expand the plastic, allowing microbes to enter and breakdown the packaging. 

Trouw Nutrition, as a part of Nutreco, has long worked to build a more sustainable food system as we strive to achieve our mission of feeding the future.