Training Your Cat to Go on Walks


Are you looking to train your feline friend to enjoy leashed walks and explore the world with you? Luckily, most cats can be trained to walk on a leash. Some cats are more accepting of this type of training but typically if you’re patient and keep it a positive experience, your cat can be trained for adventure! We’re sharing our top tips to start your leashed cat training journey.


1. Start indoors.

Introduce your cat to a harness at home to build positive associations. When first putting a harness on, it is best to start gradually. Start with putting the harness on, but not fastening it for a few days. Once your cat is comfortable, keep the harness fastened and practice getting your cat to walk. Eventually, when your cat is used to the sensation of a harness, a leash can be introduced.

2. Expose to the outdoors gradually.

Introduce your cat to the outdoors slowly, allowing for a quiet, secure outdoor space while keeping a close eye on your cat. Understand that some cats may be afraid and it will take time to get them used to the outdoors.

3. Praise and treats.

Reward with treats and verbal praise, to reinforce that venturing outside is a positive experience. Treats can also be used to positively associate your cat to a leash and harness.

4. Have patience.

It may take a while and every cat is unique. Practice is key to building your cat’s confidence. It can take multiple attempts for a cat to feel comfortable in both an indoor and outdoor leashed setting.

5. Let your cat take the lead.

Sometimes cats will just lay in the grass or stay still to take in the sights, scents and sounds of the outdoors. Others will venture walking or even want to go back inside as quickly as possible. No matter what your cat decides to do, follow their lead and be encouraging to the experience. Never force your cat as it is about making the experience enjoyable and keeping associations with going for walks positive.

Keep in mind that some cats may be afraid of the outdoors and may not like being leashed. However, we hope that these tips help you in attempting to train your cat for an outdoor leashed experience!