Functionals Highlight – Recipe Benefits


Does your dog need added care in their diet? We have a functional line of recipes to help support your dog's specific needs! We will be going over each available option and sharing some of the many benefits that your dog will be sure to enjoy.



Wholesome Blend contains nourishing ingredients sure to keep your pet paw-sitively happy. Not only that but we also have carefully crafted our recipes to ensure that your pet is getting amazing added benefits no matter which functional recipe your dog needs. These include:

  • Omega 6-3-9 balance
    • Omega 3-6-9 plays an important role in inflammation regulation, skin & coat health, joint health, heart health, brain and cognitive function, and digestive health.
  • 90% animal protein
    • Why should this matter? It provides a complete and balanced source of essential amino acids that dogs need for growth, tissue repair, and overall bodily functions. It also makes for a palatable, highly digestible, and nutrient-dense diet.
  • Packed with dietary fiber, antioxidants (turmeric, barley grass and green tea extracts), and phytonutrients.
    • Antioxidants support healthy aging by protecting cells from free radical damage!

Each recipe also contains unique benefits which will help to support your dog's needs.

Digestive Care: Turkey & Pumpkin

Specially formulated to support your dog’s digestive health, this limited-ingredient recipe features hearty Canadian turkey and comes with added pre and probiotics to help with overall immune function and health. It also contains:

  • 0% fish
  • Miscanthus Grass
    • Insoluble fiber helps the gastrointestinal tract function properly and soluble fiber is broken down by the beneficial gut bacteria and provides nutrients to the cells in the digestive tract
  • Cassia Cinnamon
    • Antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties (especially effective against E. coli)
  • Added pre and probiotics to help with overall immune function and health.

Mobility Care: Salmon & Pumpkin
Offering moderate levels of protein and fat to help maintain a healthy weight, this flavourful recipe uses a combination of fresh and saltwater caught salmon and menhaden fish with added joint and bone support to help keep your large breed dog on the move throughout their entire life. It also contains:

  • 0% poultry, egg, or grains
  • Added Glucosamine Hydrochloride
    • This is the building block of joint tissue and helps repair damage to the joint area to maintain mobility.

Skin & Coat Care: Salmon & Pumpkin

Specifically designed to support healthy skin condition and a glossy, soft coat, this limited ingredient diet is mad­e using a combination of fresh and saltwater caught salmon, menhaden, and white fish, with added pre and probiotics to enhance digestibility and gut health. It also contains:

  • 0% poultry, egg, or grains
  • Added Taurine
    • Taurine is a nutrient with a ton of benefits and uses but in this case, it is added for fur growth and quality. Dull, dry, brittle coats can be caused by a taurine deficiency; sebum production needs taurine to protect and moisturize the skin; taurine also has anti-inflammatory effects – it can help alleviate some symptoms associated with skin conditions like allergies, dermatitis, or hot spots.

Healthy Weight: Beef & Pumpkin

With added digestive support from pumpkin and moderate levels of fat and protein from Canadian beef, this satisfying limited ingredient diet can help your dog maintain a healthy weight. It also contains:

  • 0% poultry
  • Dried Chicory Root
    • Prebiotics support digestion by providing targeted nutrition to the beneficial bacteria in the gut.
  • L-Carnitine
    • An amino acid-like or vitamin-like compound, it helps to maintain lean body tissues and support muscles by promoting the conversion of fats to energy within the cells.

We hope that this blog post helps you to understand some of the many benefits included in our Wholesome Blend Functional Diets line!