What is an all life stages diet?


Many of our Lifetime® and Wholesome Blend® pet foods are formulated to be complete and balanced for all life stages. What does that mean exactly? 

All life stages pet food is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of the most demanding life stage, growth and reproduction. Due to higher nutrient levels, these foods can also nutritionally support your dog or cat’s other life stages. Foods that are formulated using this approach will support your kitten/puppy through to a senior cat/dog. 

Compared to puppy and kitten food, most of our all life stages foods have moderate fat levels to support a gradual growth rate and reduce the incidence of overweight/obese pets. 


What are the benefits? 

There are two main benefits to feeding your pet an all life stages diet. The first, you do not have worry about ensuring your pet is getting the right levels of the nutrients that it needs. 

The second benefit is for pet owners who have multiple four-legged friends in their families. All life stages foods give pet owners the ability to feed pets that are in different life stages the same food. If you have a puppy and an older dog at home, you can feed them the same diet. However, make sure you adjust the portion size to what is appropriate for your pet’s life stage. 

How do I feed my pet an All Life Stages diet? 

Like any other diet, pet owners should consult the recommended feeding guide, printed on the bag of food. You can also find the recommended feeding guidelines for our Lifetime and Wholesome Blend products on our website (www.lifetimepetfood.ca). 

Other factors, besides the age and weight of your pet, can also influence the energy needs of your pet. Your pet’s activity level and whether your cat or dog is pregnant or nursing will affect the amount of food your pet needs. It is important to monitor your pet’s body condition and adjust the amount of food you are feeding them accordingly. 

We have a variety of all life stages diets available in our Lifetime, Wholesome Blend and Wholesome Blend Naturally Fresh brands for both cats and dogs (including diets for large breeds specifically). To find a retail partner near you, visit our store locator.