Pork & Oatmeal

Pork & Oatmeal

LIFETIME® Pork Meal & Oatmeal Recipe All Life Stages dog food is an alternative single protein (hypoallergenic or sensitive stomach) diet, providing all of the nutrients required by your dog from puppy to adult, using quality ingredients with no corn, wheat, soy or by-products.

Single meat protein - Pork meal is a source of highly digestible protein, suitable for dogs with problems with common proteins.

Lifetime icon for digestive supportDigestive support  - High quality pork protein, wholesome grains (oatmeal and barley), and prebiotics (mannanoligosaccharides sourced from yeast extract and fructooligosaccharides sourced from chicory root) help promote optimal digestion.

Skin and coat - Flaxseed, herring oil, chelated minerals (copper, iron and zinc) to support healthy skin condition and a glossy soft coat.

Own certified facility – GFSI & USDA certified, located in St. Marys, Ontario, Canada.


Sizes Available:
2.27kg/5lb & 6.5kg/14.5lb