With Wholesome Blend®'s NEW PEA-FREE recipes, we are creating a new category of grain-free dog nutrition that supports their long-term health without legumes and lentils. Using a progressive, science-backed recipe of sustainably sourced proteins, raw infused pumpkin, and the correct balance of amino acids and dietary nutrients, we introduce a unique marketing offering that provides optimal nutrition for your pets' needs.

Why Pea-Free?

Trouw Nutrition believes in providing pet owners with options when it comes to their pet's nutrition. This includes high quality, grain-free products for dogs that have sensitivities, but that also addresses concerns from pet owners who believe eliminating grains is biologically appropriate or healthier for their dog.

These new diets offered in Cod & Pumpkin and Turkey & Pumpkin recipes for all life stages and all life stages large breed dogs, use locally sourced ingredients where possible. This includes our fresh cod, fresh turkey and our black soldier fly larvae insect protein meal.

You can learn more about the science and nutrition in these diets in our Wholesome Blend Pea Free White Paper.

Product line-up

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Biodegradable Packaging

Eco-One® is an organic additive that allows plastic to be broken down into humus (rich soil), methane (energy source) and carbon dioxide in biologically active landfills (BAL). Only when Eco-One® plastic reaches BAL, does this technology encourage moisture to infiltrate and expand the plastic, allowing microbes to enter and break-down the packaging. The addition of this organic additive has no effect on the traditional appearance, feel or durability of plastic, ensuring our products maintain freshness. Learn more about Eco-One® by watching this video.

Interested in learning more?

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